Metrics for the week ending on 4/01/11

These are the metrics for the end of this week.  As you can see, results are mixed.  MAFR 1/5/15 is the only one in the positive, although it ended the week basically flat.  I should mention that DMA 1/5/15 did improve by 79 pips over the week, although it still ended in negative territory.

On the hardware front, I should mention that I got all the new hardware I ordered, assembled it over the weekend, and put it to work this week.  Windows 7 did show some bizarre behavior with sporadically moving windows off the edge of the screen.  This made broadcasting somewhat tricky and annoying.  Notwithstanding that, however, the cycle time was severely reduced.  We no longer have the 800 second cycle times as before, as this i7 machine seems to handle everything I can throw at it easily.  Now that we no longer have that bottleneck, I was able to identify a new issue.  I noticed that on occasion the EAs would cease to run with a division by zero error.  This happened when the histogram chart, which shows the stats for the current state, was blank.  This means that there was no historical data collected for that specific state and caused the division by zero error.  I’ll be addressing this over the weekend, as well as making some additional improvements.


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