Additional EA added

I’ve added an additional EA to the fray.  This one uses MACD states to define the market states.  I’m only using 2 timeframes in this case, because if I were to use three I’d wind up with 4,096 market states with very rarified statistics.

As a result of the new addition, I’ve rearranged things a bit.  There are now two columns and three rows in the broadcast.  The left column has the 1/5/15 timeframes, and the right column shows the 1/30/60 timeframes.  The rows show the DMA, MAFR, and MACD versions from top to bottom respectively.

I accidentally left the multiple order setting active for the MAFR 1/5/15 version on Monday, with pretty disastrous results.  Suffice it to say that this EA is no longer in the positive.  As for the new guy on the block, the MACD 1/5 version got off to a good start, being already up 43 pips since its debut last night on only 2 trades.  I should mention its second trade did a great job of nailing the rise in EURUSD today between 14:57 and 17:28 GMT.

Another thing I noticed is that the SL and TP levels were not being dynamically updated in certain EAs, and some were missing their exit signals.  I figured out where the bug was and fixed it, but I can’t implement it until tonight.  I’ve also tightened up my configuration control procedures to try and keep these issues from reoccurring.

Stay tuned…



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