Now broadcasting on Myfxbook

I’ve started yet another broadcast today.  I decided that some of you may want to dig a little deeper into my testing and may even feel inclined to independently verify my results.  Therefore, my testing history is now posted at Myfxbook.  Of course, it may not make much sense without the accompanying descriptions of each experimental setup located in the Results –> Experiment [#] section.

For ease of reference, all experiments to date are documented here:

Experiment 2 (4/10 – 4/20)
Experiment 3 (4/25 – 5/12)
Experiment 4 (5/22 – 6/10)
Experiment 5 (6/14 – 6/24)
Experiment 6 (6/27 – 7/08)
Experiment 7a (7/18-7/22)
Experiment 7b (8/1-8/12)
Experiment 8 (9/5-9/16)

In addition, I’m continuing to broadcast a live video feed through livestream. 


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